Newest addition.


So as you can see, I have a new addition to my Parisian themed room. I always post room photos, but I think that’s mainly because decorating my room is so much a part of me somehow. I’ve moved 8 times in my life, which isn’t much compared to some, but throughout all those moves, redoing my room was always my favorite part. There’s only so much you can do with four pieces of furniture, but that’s why my parents bought me my first dresser last weekend! It’s white and beautiful, and there’s a huge mirror coming in the mail from LA that gets bolted to the back. It’s so beautiful.

Just had to share! Bon weekend!


Beautiful on a budget.

Beautiful on a budget.

The photo above is the latest edition of my room makeovers. I’m a big fan of parisienne, as you can see.

I love this color scheme, it’s super relaxing and very chic at the same time. I bought the brown comforter (which is extremely think and soft, by the way) at Walmart for about $17. The body pillow was just old stuffing that I put into a suede-textured case that I purchased at Walmart for $4! The two pink flower pillows were from Hancock fabrics for $12 each, and the C’est Moi pillows were around $18-$20 each from TJ Maxx. The Couture magazine covers were from Home Goods, about $30. The “Gorgeous” and Eiffel tower with heart stickers were about $23 all together. The bedside lamp was $21 at Target, and you can stack books in the base.

The cat is free, but you probably won’t find one that awesome anywhere.

I love Walmart, Target, and Tx Maxx because if you are shopping for a color scheme, especially pastels- you are are likely to get a great selection of well made products that are very inexpensive compared to even shopping at a Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I posted this, #1, to show you where you could get a cute chic Parisian set up, and #2, because I was so proud of it.
Also, my cat looks pretty gorgeous here.

Senior Prom, Again.

Senior Prom, Again.

So , I’m a freshman at state. My boyfriend is a senior at my alma mater. He’s coming here next year as a Mechanical Engineering major. However, in the meantime, he still has his senior prom.

I love prom, getting dressed up, and dances, so of course I want to go. Nothing could be better.

I started out my hunt for the perfect prom dress at an outrageously expensive boutique, figuring this was the last time I got to go to prom and I had never really gone all out. The high school I went to was known for all out- we were featured on MTV several times because of some of the girl’s dresses, sometimes hitting the mark between $9,000 and $18,000. I went into the boutique, “Mia Bella,” with a budget of about $400. I still felt ridiculous spending that much. But for the right dress, I would.
I instantly found my dream dress. Checked the price tag, $975.00. I tried on some other dresses, but they were obviously for people that didn’t like food, and they didn’t fit me right at all. I like food, so starving myself for prom is not an option. I’ll luffa my arms and tone up a little, but I’m not sacrificing bacon.

The following my day my best friend Mandy and I decided to go on a shopping spree at our local mall. I went to JC Penny’s and found the perfect dress, in a size 11. I needed a 13. I almost got the 11 on but was heart broken when it didn’t fit. I went to the counter and asked the clerk if they could order a 13, I NEEDED this dress. She said they could try, but there was no guarantee. I went back to put the 11 back on the rack and there it was in the very front, someone had JUST put it back. The only 13. I put it on, and it fit perfectly in all the right places. This is the dress above here, obviously on someone a lot thinner than me. However, It is really slimming. I am not a skinny person, but I wouldn’t really say I’m very overweight either. I have some flab, and somehow, this dress makes it work. It reminds me of a ballet costume.

So now the dress is in my closet, waiting for it’s time to shine. After tax it was a whopping…wait for it… $76.55! And it looks exactly like some of the boutique dresses I tried on, and with thicker and better fabrics.

If I can give the high school crowd one word of advice, it would be to shop JC Penny’s or Macy’s online. If you’re worried about matching someone else, then definitely go online, and start early in case you have to return. Most people are too afraid to shop online, so go to your local store, check out what they have there, and then go find what WASN’T there online. Maybe even try some of the dresses on at the store that are in the fit and cut you want, so you know what size to order online. If you click on the photo above, it’ll take you to the JC Penny Prom 2013 page.

I am super excited!



This is my kitten, Talilah, and she is my whole world, as pathetic as that sounds. This is my favorite picture of her from when she a lot younger, however she is still very tiny! She’s a Russian Blue that I found down in a storm drain at Fresno State with four other of her brothers and sisters, all stuck inside a little bucket. She recently went missing for two days, and I was devastated. I thought for sure she had gotten hit. She isn’t the brightest bulb on the planet when it comes to common sense, (she often sleeps and rolls around on the ledge 20 feeds above our tile floored kitchen) but socially, she is very intelligent. She follows me everywhere, sits up on her hind legs when she wants something, and can open doors. I love her to pieces. I just had to show you guys because she’s so adorable here.

My Smoothie addiction.

My Smoothie addiction.

So recently I’ve developed a bit of a problem. I think I am consuming roughly 1-2 smoothies a day. The main culprits are the “Razzle Dazzle” from Juice It Up, the Make It Light “Strawberry Surf Rider” (which is on sale at Jamba Juice in a 16 oz. right now for 50% off!) and the Make It Light Strawberries Wild. This photo I took this morning, while sitting in a JJ (free wi-fi, yay!). Please ignore my stupid bangs, I get tired of them coming straight down on my face.
Anyways, I became addicted to smoothies because A, they’re ridiculously good for you, B, they’re very low calorie, and C, on a good day, I can get away with having a 16 oz. for a meal. It’s really easy to feel full on hardly any calories, and it makes me feel better when entering my food into the My Fitness Pal app, which I’ll link to through the photo. It’s an incredible app that lets you compete with friends, and literally has a database that can track every food imaginable, whether it be home made, from a restaurant, or from a fast food place. You can also make your own recipes as well as track your water intake, which if you didn’t know, drinking 8 glasses of water a day can literally make you lose weight twice as fast.

My latest and most favorite accessory.

Just a quick heads up, Charming Charlie has these beautiful bling watches right now for $20 in all different color bands. They’re super in and cheap enough to buy a few to go with several outfits. I like it because it makes me feel like I have enough money to own a Michael Kors watch, even thought we all know that’s a lie. It also looks absolutely smashing on my freckley ginger arm.  I chose a light robin-egg blue colored band, with the gold blinged rim.  It’s so beautiful!