I’m a cat lady with a camera, a dangerous combination.  I love makeup and fashion and reviewing restaurants.  I get my nails done more than I should.  I’m a natural blonde, but my hair is stuck this color ever since I wanted to be Ginny Weasley for Halloween.


I mostly like to review food, restaurants, places to hang out, brands, and products.  I love spending way too long getting ready and photographing every step.  I’m constantly trying new products, but I don’t believe in spending a ton of money on them.  I have my own photography business where I do senior portrait sessions as well as prom and formal shoots.  I work as an administrative assistant at a non-profit organization in California that counsels and has referral services for teens suffering from prescription drug abuse.

I have three cats, named Talilah, Spritzy, and Socks.  I also have a boyfriend named Cody, who I’ve been with for nearly two and a half years.  I attend Cal State University Fresno as a Public Relations major.  From time to time, you may hear me talk about my two best friends, Suzi and Mandalyn.  I love my life.


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