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Winter Haul! Forever 21, Ulta, Target, & Old Navy

Winter Haul! Forever 21, Ulta, Target, & Old Navy

Hello all! I’m back with a new Haul! As most of these things have been ordered online, I’ve just found the pictures of them on their respective websites. I haven’t quite received everything yet (but most everything). I wanted to tell you about some great deals right now.

WetSeal: 40% off all dresses. The red one in the top right is from the new Crush for ABC Family line. It’s adorable and very Taylor Swift. I also purchased some fleece-lined leggings for when I go back to school. I love wearing skirts but just don’t feel comfortable without some leg-coverin’s!

Forever21: I think the deal is over now but it’s good to keep an eye out. Got my black knee high boots from F21 for 50% off, at just $22.40! I also purchased the red plaid shirt (a winter staple), as well as the cold shoulder body con dress. The shirt was just $12 and the dress was only $14.80. (So, yeah, $15).

Old Navy: 15% off. Got this amazing blue sequined sweater, black chiffon collared shirt, and terry fleece blazer. I also picked up a super cute statement necklace and ring that I’ll post later.

Wedge Heels: From a local boutique by the name of “Ooh La La” these super cute lace-up wedges were just $25. They’re super painful, which stinks because they’re so adorable. I’m hoping to break them in! They’re from City Classified, which you can find super discounted online at shoetopia.com.

Ulta: The Stila “In the Light” palette. My wonderful boyfriend got this for me for Christmas, and it’s just amazing. I’ll have to do some swatches on that later. In the meantime, here’s a link to inspire you to possibly buy it for yourself: (http://www.lipglossiping.com/2012/05/stila-in-the-light-eyeshadow-palette-review-swatches-and-a-fotd/).

Target: The chunky cable knit sweater and rose tulle skirt were given to me for Christmas by my mother and sister. I had pinned both things, so I was very happy to receive them!

Makeup Rack: I got this amazing spinning spice-rack style makeup rack by pinning it on Pinterest! My aunt went to the trouble to find it and order it for me! I could not have been more excited to get it. It looks amazing and keeps me from tearing apart my vanity just to do my makeup. You can purchase it from QVC here: (http://www.qvc.com/Tabletop-Spinning-Cosmetic-Organizer-by-Lori-Greiner.product.H164200.html)

{September: Fun & Favorites, + a sack of cats}


Love this.  Was featured on the Stella Laguna Beach Instagram feed.



Lightened my hair last weekend!  By the wonderful Jess Schmidt.  Check out her blog at http://www.cosmojess.wordpress.com

I realize with fall, most people like to go dark, but I think I’m going to wait till closer late October or November.



Got my mini NYX haul in the mail-absolutely loving the mattifying spray.  The red nail polish is great and a beautiful dark fall color.  A deep red. The lip sticks were a little too off for my skin tone, but I didn’t want to return them cause I’m determined to find a way to make them work for something (Halloween, maybe?)  The eyeshadows are great, but a little chalky.  Maybe a primer would help.

I also thought it was adorable that all NYX products come in a black lace bag.  Just a thing.





Finally bought my much-awaited Lorac PRO Palette.  It’s amazing, and that is all.  I also picked up some more NYX in the same trip, which was to Ulta, by the way..Image

These blushes are AMAZING.  And the lipliner is gorgeous as an all-over lip color.  I’ll do a blog just on lip colors sometime in the near future.  




A classic Benefit product, that I finally really got into using this month-the Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter Stick.  It’s beautiful and a great alternative to bronzer for more pale skin.



Best powder of the month: Revlon Nearly Naked.  Hands down.  Buy it, it is all you will ever need.  That and the Rimmel Stay Matte, but it’s just my opinion.



Speaking of Rimmel, the “best bang for your buck” product I have found is this “Just Let it Go” Eye Makeup Remover. I suggest using it with cotton balls.


And an on-going favorite- the Naked 2 Palette.  Beautiful its own way.  So beautiful.


I started my Service Learning for my Intro to PR class at ValleyPBS, and was instructed to read this children’s book so that I could know more about the premier of a new children’s show the station is releasing.  Very cute, I might add.


Got to hang out with my best friend, which was pretty cool, since that rarely happens because we have the work lives of 40 year old CPAs.


Lastly, my cat is pregnant, which was obviously not something we intended, but now I am awaiting my time as a kitty grandmother, and in the meantime, Talilah has been renamed “Sack of Cats”.  She has her own instagram, @talilahsparkles.


Hope you had a great September,  comment below if you want me to check out your blog!





I can wear red lipstick! And other things I learned this month.








So June is coming to a close and I have learned a few things this month.  One of the most exciting being that I finally allowed myself to put on red lipstick.  Don’t get me wrong, this was not your run- of- the- mill 99 cent store lipstick.  No neon gaudiness here. (No offense to you classic girls).  This was more of a deep plum-red lip coat that I pulled from my beautiful 2012 Winter Collection Sephora Cube palette. The picture below shows a small excerpt of some of those coat hues, however; the one the brush is dipping in is far from the color with which I experimented.  Please excuse the dust and small kitty hair; I rarely use those upper neon hues, bleck.  

My advice to girls that are hesitant to try wearing red lipstick; try it in the protection of your room.  With good lighting and no friends around to harass you for your daring new choices.  It’s like the whole thing about “dance like no one’s watching”.  Just, apply lipstick like no one’s watching and make sure you have a good arsenal of makeup remover ready until you find a hue that doesn’t make you look psychotic or dead..or psychotic AND dead.





What else did I learn in June?  That I love the Naked 2 Palette.  I have as of recent found multiple uses for the UD palette, such as an all-over bronzer.  The first four pigments from left to right of the palette, (Foxy to Chopper) when swept over with a Kabuki brush, can be applied to the cheeks, shoulders, and legs to provide a contouring, thinning, and tanning effect.    I would also suggest adding some BB cream, (my favorite being from Maybelline) under the areas where you are going to apply the shadows, since the areas getting the most contouring are usually the quickest to be burnt.  I also think it somewhat primes the skin so that the dust doesn’t just fall off!


I also learned that not using enough heat protectant before straightening the shorter sections of your hair (like your bangs, or-fringe, rather, as some people call it) can lead to it becoming fried and plastic-y feeling, just like my old Barbie doll head.  I used to do her hair 24/7 and it was fried to begin with.  

Guess Barbie should never be a hair role model.