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Makeup We Can Actually Afford: Maybelline BB Cream

Makeup We Can Actually Afford: Maybelline BB Cream

So, as you know- I’m a fan of both drug store and high-end products. However, when it comes to foundations, I feel like if you can find something that works for you for less than $15, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy it just because it’s not high end. I realize that with all of my traveling that I do for school and work, I prefer to own some drugstore products that I can take with me on trips where if they got broken or damaged it wouldn’t be a huge loss. I’ve found that of all of the products I’ve ever purchased, the Maybelline BB Cream was the best foundation I have ever owned. It is best applied with a beauty blender or sponge, and has NEVER caused me to break out. It can be worn alone or with a powder, (I recommend Revlon Nearly Naked). This product is about $8-$9 and not only gives your skin a great matte finish, but also gives you some sun protection, (great for white people like myself.) Maybelline usually has great products (though I’m not a fan of the Fit Me line- side note: I want to try the shine stick)- but this one seems to be a holy grail for me. Definitely pick it up next time you’re at Target or Ulta and let me know what you think!



Ulta Double Duty Primer & Foundation: Yes, you need it.

So I’m shopping at Ulta and I find this concealer and primer all-in-one, so what do I do?

And it’s pretty amazing. It’s got a silicone base so it’s very full coverage, in my opinion. I have lots of freckles and small blemishes, (let’s be real here) so it works great on my skin. And it’s super non-allergenic, so it’s not like my face is going to explode into a hot mess.

Here’s that $3.50 of off $10 coupon I mentioned:

So yeah, buy it. It’s made in Italy.