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It’s all about contouring light.

It's all about contouring light.

I Love glasses, don’t you?


Favorite Drugstore Products for May!

Favorite Drugstore Products for May!

So, I don’t believe in drug store products. Which is hilarious, since I usually have no money. So let me rephrase. I have no faith in drug store products alone. Certain combinations of drugstore products are amazing. Amazing like the combination in the photo above.
Let me start by saying part of this purchase was a total accident. I thought I was buying a Loreal Mineral Foundation. It turns out, I actually picked up the mineral powder, put it back down, and instead, grabbed the mousse. I am so insanely glad I did. It is full coverage, and makes my skin look amazing, even when it’s decided to naturally be not so amazing.
I also purchased an Almay concealer, which is great. I put it on right after my primer, and before the Loreal mousse. I finish with the Maybelline BB cream that’s in the photo. It blurs imperfections, literally. It smooths out your face AND protects it, which is a great deal for like, $7. Lastly is the soft lips. I know this is kind of an old craze, but I never used it prior to this week. It literally kills the cracks on your lips in 2-3 uses, even if those uses are within the same 24-hour period. Make sure you try out these products, (especially the BB cream) and let me know what other drug store product combinations you’ve tried that totally beat the norm.