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Makeup We Can Actually Afford: Maybelline BB Cream

Makeup We Can Actually Afford: Maybelline BB Cream

So, as you know- I’m a fan of both drug store and high-end products. However, when it comes to foundations, I feel like if you can find something that works for you for less than $15, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy it just because it’s not high end. I realize that with all of my traveling that I do for school and work, I prefer to own some drugstore products that I can take with me on trips where if they got broken or damaged it wouldn’t be a huge loss. I’ve found that of all of the products I’ve ever purchased, the Maybelline BB Cream was the best foundation I have ever owned. It is best applied with a beauty blender or sponge, and has NEVER caused me to break out. It can be worn alone or with a powder, (I recommend Revlon Nearly Naked). This product is about $8-$9 and not only gives your skin a great matte finish, but also gives you some sun protection, (great for white people like myself.) Maybelline usually has great products (though I’m not a fan of the Fit Me line- side note: I want to try the shine stick)- but this one seems to be a holy grail for me. Definitely pick it up next time you’re at Target or Ulta and let me know what you think!


Instafamous: Now you can make videos, too?

Instafamous: Now you can make videos, too?

So I get this new Instagram update. Apparently now we can record videos and choose a freeze-frame to be displayed on the newsfeed. We all know Instagram is just trying to compete with Vine, however, this makes me super excited. I’m thinking of using it to make awesome 16 second reviews that show the uses, abilities, and qualities of certain products, as well as for my own cat videos, of course. Gurus band together!!

You can check meowt at Instagram.com/saraeliza_beth.

Ulta Double Duty Primer & Foundation: Yes, you need it.

So I’m shopping at Ulta and I find this concealer and primer all-in-one, so what do I do?

And it’s pretty amazing. It’s got a silicone base so it’s very full coverage, in my opinion. I have lots of freckles and small blemishes, (let’s be real here) so it works great on my skin. And it’s super non-allergenic, so it’s not like my face is going to explode into a hot mess.

Here’s that $3.50 of off $10 coupon I mentioned:

So yeah, buy it. It’s made in Italy.

All I want is soft hair like everyone else.


My entire life, all I’ve wanted is to have hair like my friends, like all the other girls at school, and like I wanted. No matter how much conditioner and how little shampoo I used, my hair would always be dry and unmanageable. Then, last week, I decided to splurge a whopping four dollars on this little black and green bottle from Tresseme, called Split Remedy. I tried it in pairing with my Vidal Sassoon Heat Protect and Shine (which I’ll review on here later), putting the Split Remedy in first, only needing about a quarter size amount to cover all from half of my hair down, and then spraying in the protectant. It says to use the Split Remedy on towel dried hair, but since I only have brain capacity for one routine and I shower at night, the Split Remedy goes in my hair first thing in the morning as step one of my prep process. I think it works just fine. Not only does it really seal up the split ends in about 2-3 uses, but it also makes your hair so you can run your fingers through it (a luxury I have never enjoyed until now). So if you’re like me, and not one of those girls with perfect hair, go buy this, you need it more than you know.