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<3Back to College Guide: Fashion<3

So, I’ve been wanting to do a new post for quite a while, something substantial.  I finally decided I’ve been doing a lot of shopping and should do a back-to-college/high school shopping guide!  I am personally a huge fan of black as a clothing color, year round.  I know that that’s probably not appealing to a lot of people, but my skin physically does not tan, and light colored clothes do not flatter me in the least.  However, I do like to add colorful and classic accessories, bright nail colors, and cute shoes to brighten up my outfits, as well as a few graphic shirts.

As most of you can probably relate, I don’t have a lock box at Gringott’s full of Galleons by which I can purchase massive amounts of shoes and accessories.  I’m a sophomore in college with a 3-day a week job with a low yield, so this is my fashion on-a-budget advice for the rest of us lowly citizens.

Everyone hates pants, right?  I do.  Yet, it is expected of us that we wear them. Therefore, I have recommended some pairs of shorts and pants that not only look fashionable and will match nearly anything, but will also not make you cry when it’s time to check out.

I firmly believe that every girl should own the following items in the leg-covering category for school season.

  • Dark Skinny Jeans
  • Dark-Denim Bootcut Jeans
  • Some extra nice Bootcut Jeans for wearing out or to events (SPARKLES)
  • Yoga Pants
  • Crop Leggings
  • White shorts
  • Black shorts
  • Denim shorts

As long as you have these basic things, you really are set in the pant area.  Below I have some recommendations of where to find these things.  If you’re into brand names, I would not suggest bothering getting a certain brand of pants, unless you love L.A. Idol, like I do.  I like to have a few pairs of low-price jeans (Target is selling most of their denim for $8 right now) and one pair of high-end jeans.  Usually Guess, Calvin Klein, or like right now, L.A. Idols.  L.A. Idols are an adorable and more affordable replacement for Miss Me jeans which normally retail for $108+.  L.A. Idols are rarely over $65, and you can usually get them for 20-30% off during boutique sales in your town.  Well, now that I got off on that tangent, here are some photo examples of the cute bottoms you can find almost anywhere.


Starting from the upper left-to-right,  there are L.A. Idol’s on the left, them some denim shorts (super cute) from Target.  Next there’s a Target Maxi dress, a close-up of those beautiful LA idols, some JC Penny shorts in white (these are my ÜBER favorite.  The denim is super heavy and they look so bright!)  and lastly some Target skinnys and Wal Mart shorts with some cute little flag pocket thingies hang in’ out der fer youz.

Next is the shoes.  Who doesn’t love shoes? I have about 25 pairs and I STILL feel like I have absolutely nothing.  I would suggest that amongst your shoe collection to make sure you have a pair of super cute, good quality sandals (these ones are on sale for $15 at Kohl’s right now) and some cute running/athletic shoes.  I like to have cute running shoes even though I don’t run, much less participate in athletic activity.  I’m more of a get-nachos-and-not-sweat type.  Thasss jus me dohh.   I be lazy.



I am not going to go horribly in-depth into shirts, but I must recommend that you check TJ Maxx every other week for great new tops.  I like to look at their display tops near the front, because they’re usually the cutest and the best quality.  I think right now, the trend is long flowing tops with long necklaces to match.  I’m more into light, simple jewelry, but I also love these looks.  It’s also très nécessaire that you invest in a slouchy cardigan for those cold buildings, classrooms, or days at work or in the office.  I suggest this one in the middle picture, from Maurices.  I bought mine in a size 3X because I love the slouchiness, and I’m really more just like an X-Large.  I always upsize my clothing also because I am forgetful about what I put in the wash, so if it gets dried, it’s no problemo.

I also must mention that you NEED, NEED, NEED a knee-length dress for school.  You want something that can easily go from day to night without any problems, maybe with a simple amount of jewelry.  I like to shop on debshops.com, ’cause they gots tons of cute stuff in EVERY SIZE. Fo’ real.


Next you gots to have the accessories.  Lots of them.  Well, you don’t have to, no one is making you, but it is the key to having a beautiful wardrobe.  I love small jewelry, and delicate things.  I recently purchased some rings and necklaces from Claire’s, which were $5.50 each.  They are so adorable.  I also picked up a Lavender cross body bag from RELIC, which is pictured here with my Claire’s infinity ring. (The polish I’m wearing here is Lacey Lilac by Sally Hansen.)  Also on the left is a super cute outfit I purchased COMPLETELY with Kohl’s cash- crop leggings and a white tank that says “Run Wild Forever”  I think all of this was about $38, so, good deal.  Basically I put this outfit together with the RELIC Bag and I think it’s SUPER cute.Image

So, back to shoes- I love boots.  I think almost every girl does.  I know my Pretty Little Liars addiction has caused me to become obsessed with riding boots. (I ❤ SPOBY).  However, not all of us can afford those beautiful $500 Tori Burch boots, so I found a slight dupe from Guess that is available for purchase at Macy’s.  I think they’re actually a lot cuter than the TB’s, but that’s just my opinion.  These ones are only $99.  You can also find riding boots easily for under $30, but they aren’t likely to last as long.  It’s up to you, it’s just a staple that you may want to have when fall hits.


We are almost done!  Another item you may want to have in your wardrobe is a good semi-formal or party dress.  I love picking up semi-formal dresses whenever I see them, especially if they’re a great deal.  I recently picked up these shapeless dresses from a small local boutique, and they were not only marked down, but buy one, get one free! I ended up getting them both for $24.  It was pretty amazing.  Buying dresses like this allows you to have a really versatile piece that you can wear anywhere.



Nail polish.


So anyways, I’ve been picking up some cute Summer-Fall transition nail colors.  Right now for summer I love corals and lavenders, as well as mint green.  (Candy Apple Mint by Essie).  But for Fall-Winter, I like dark greens and blacks, as well as gunmetals and deep reds.  Pictured here is my mini back to school collection for polishes.  Ulta is having a deal right now where you spend $10 and get $3.50 off- not a bad coupon to use for a polish haul!


Well, that’s it for now.  Happy hunting!  Check back next week for a guide on school supplies and organization tips! Hope I inspired you ❤


Prom 2013

Prom 2013

So as you all know, despite the fact that I am a freshman in college, I had Prom with my boyfriend this weekend. I am extremely excited for him to graduate in a few weeks so we can attend college together. We’ll both me sophomores, he’s getting some advanced credits for being a smarty pants.
I love the way my hair and makeup turned out for prom, with both of them being done by Paul Mitchell students! My fabulous hair was create by my boyfriend’s cousin, Jess Schmidt, and you can check out her blog at http://www.jessicaschmidt.blog.com. My makeup was a great collection of cosmetics, including VS Pro and Urban Decay.

Senior Prom, Again.

Senior Prom, Again.

So , I’m a freshman at state. My boyfriend is a senior at my alma mater. He’s coming here next year as a Mechanical Engineering major. However, in the meantime, he still has his senior prom.

I love prom, getting dressed up, and dances, so of course I want to go. Nothing could be better.

I started out my hunt for the perfect prom dress at an outrageously expensive boutique, figuring this was the last time I got to go to prom and I had never really gone all out. The high school I went to was known for all out- we were featured on MTV several times because of some of the girl’s dresses, sometimes hitting the mark between $9,000 and $18,000. I went into the boutique, “Mia Bella,” with a budget of about $400. I still felt ridiculous spending that much. But for the right dress, I would.
I instantly found my dream dress. Checked the price tag, $975.00. I tried on some other dresses, but they were obviously for people that didn’t like food, and they didn’t fit me right at all. I like food, so starving myself for prom is not an option. I’ll luffa my arms and tone up a little, but I’m not sacrificing bacon.

The following my day my best friend Mandy and I decided to go on a shopping spree at our local mall. I went to JC Penny’s and found the perfect dress, in a size 11. I needed a 13. I almost got the 11 on but was heart broken when it didn’t fit. I went to the counter and asked the clerk if they could order a 13, I NEEDED this dress. She said they could try, but there was no guarantee. I went back to put the 11 back on the rack and there it was in the very front, someone had JUST put it back. The only 13. I put it on, and it fit perfectly in all the right places. This is the dress above here, obviously on someone a lot thinner than me. However, It is really slimming. I am not a skinny person, but I wouldn’t really say I’m very overweight either. I have some flab, and somehow, this dress makes it work. It reminds me of a ballet costume.

So now the dress is in my closet, waiting for it’s time to shine. After tax it was a whopping…wait for it… $76.55! And it looks exactly like some of the boutique dresses I tried on, and with thicker and better fabrics.

If I can give the high school crowd one word of advice, it would be to shop JC Penny’s or Macy’s online. If you’re worried about matching someone else, then definitely go online, and start early in case you have to return. Most people are too afraid to shop online, so go to your local store, check out what they have there, and then go find what WASN’T there online. Maybe even try some of the dresses on at the store that are in the fit and cut you want, so you know what size to order online. If you click on the photo above, it’ll take you to the JC Penny Prom 2013 page.

I am super excited!



This is my kitten, Talilah, and she is my whole world, as pathetic as that sounds. This is my favorite picture of her from when she a lot younger, however she is still very tiny! She’s a Russian Blue that I found down in a storm drain at Fresno State with four other of her brothers and sisters, all stuck inside a little bucket. She recently went missing for two days, and I was devastated. I thought for sure she had gotten hit. She isn’t the brightest bulb on the planet when it comes to common sense, (she often sleeps and rolls around on the ledge 20 feeds above our tile floored kitchen) but socially, she is very intelligent. She follows me everywhere, sits up on her hind legs when she wants something, and can open doors. I love her to pieces. I just had to show you guys because she’s so adorable here.

My latest and most favorite accessory.

Just a quick heads up, Charming Charlie has these beautiful bling watches right now for $20 in all different color bands. They’re super in and cheap enough to buy a few to go with several outfits. I like it because it makes me feel like I have enough money to own a Michael Kors watch, even thought we all know that’s a lie. It also looks absolutely smashing on my freckley ginger arm.  I chose a light robin-egg blue colored band, with the gold blinged rim.  It’s so beautiful!